About Me

I started running with my dad a lonnng time ago because my dad is awesome and I like to hang out with him.  We've done a lot of races for fun together and he is by far my favorite running partner!

In high school I ran cross country to stay in shape for soccer, but college is where I really started loving running for myself.  I had the perfect trail near my school and realized I could run more than 3 miles without wanting to die.

I am by no means fast, but running keeps me sane and I love talking about it.  I love the running community and how supportive it is.  I get really excited about going to races, talking about foam rolling, and checking out other people's running shoes. :-)

I also love my dog, Maddux, reading, coffee, shopping, trying new recipes, and drinking good beer.  Going to baseball games makes me happy. The Pirates are my favorite baseball team, although I'm trying to have some hometown pride and adopting the Nationals as a close second.

Blogging is a good outlet to help me figure out what's working and what's not on the running front and also prevents my family from having to listen to me ramble on and on about it (although, let's be real...they still do).  Happy Running!

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