Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cooking Experiments

One of my 2013 resolutions is to try three new recipes.  So often I'm drawn to the same kinds of recipes so I wanted to make an effort to try some different kinds of meals that were hopefully on the healthier side!  I'm not sure if I can count some of my new dishes because although I started following a recipe, I changed them around to fit either what I had or to fit my personal preferences.  

The other night I made stuffed peppers and they were awesome.  I
adapted Julie's recipe from Peanut Butter Fingers and it made for an easy to assemble, delicious meal.  I think this recipe would be great for a midweek meal when you don't want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.

To make them I mixed together shredded cooked chicken, 1/2 a cup of marinara sauce, 3/4 cup fresh salsa, and a packet of Knorr's soup mix.  I then cut off the tops of 4 green bell peppers, removed the seeds, and put the chicken mixture inside.  I baked them in a 400 degree oven for 40 minutes.  At first I thought I was going to be sad that didn't have cheese (pretty much everything I make has a substantial amount) but it ended up being really flavorful and I didn't miss it at all.

Yes, that is Ariel on my plate.  Yes, I'm a grown up.  Kind of.

Happy cooking! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Band Giveaway Winner!

I loved reading all the comments on what makes you guys happy!  Thank you for playing along and for checking out our friends at Running Happy!  And the winner is......


"Just having the ability to run makes me happy, being able to share that ability with individuals who don't have the ability really makes me happy (I push for Team Hoyt in Virginia, we push special needs kids/adults so they can experience the thrill of a race)"

Email me at lindslikes2run [@] gmail [.] com and I will get you the information you need to get the 7/8 Happy Band of your choice!

I hope everyone has a great start to the week!  Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My New Obsession

Last weekend I headed to Pennsylvania to meet up with my mom and little brother at my aunt's house.  It was a free guest pass day at my uncle's gym so he invited my brother and me to join him and my cousin at their morning spin class.  If you remember, going to a spin class was one of my 2012 resolutions that went unfulfilled, so I was more than excited to go!

I had an absolute blast!  The instructor was energetic (she actually got a bloody nose halfway through and we had to switch, but they were both great) and I loved the loud, fun music that they incorporated into the class.  My brother and I were both new to spin and I couldn't help but laugh as we exchanged looks of horror as the instructor yelled to crank the resistance higher.  Even though my quads were screaming and I literally had sweat dripping into my eyes, I loved every minute of it.  I'm currently looking into gyms that offer class passes so that I can go on a regular basis.

After the class we headed over to a conservatory and wandered around looking at all the beautiful flowers and enjoying hanging out with each other.

It was a wonderful weekend and I wish my family all lived a little closer so that we could get together more often!  I might have to head up north soon to crash more of my uncle's classes!  He's created a monster!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Run Happy and a Giveaway!!

I am long overdue for an update, but today I have a fun giveaway for you!  I received an opportunity from the Sweat Pink Ambassador program to review a headband from Running Happy and they were nice enough to offer one lucky reader a Happy Band, too!

Running Happy is a company operated by two running moms who want to keep the "fun in run."  When I first saw the headbands on Running Happy's website I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and fun patterns.  They offer a large variety at a great price compared to many of the other companies I have seen at expos.  I've been using the same basic headbands for years that are functional, but not at all cute.  They also tend to slide around, which can be annoying.

I've been using my new Happy Band for a couple of weeks now and I am happy to report that it is both cute and stays in place.  While I can't reveal too much, Running Happy has found a way to keep headbands from sliding around on super fine hair.  You'll have to stay tuned for updates!

I think one of the best things about the Happy Band (other than the fact that it's adorable!) is that I can't even tell it's there when I'm working out.  I sweat A LOT and after the end of every run I have gone on and even an intense spin class (more on that later!) it was right where it was supposed to be, still looking good.

Mine is a 7/8 inch Yellow with White Dots Happy Band, but they have them in other widths and colors that can be found on their website  You can also visit them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter  and Instagram at RunningHappy1.

Now for the best part!  To enter the giveaway for a free 7/8 Happy Band all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what makes you happy.  For a second entry you can visit the Running Happy website and leave a second comment telling me which Happy Band you would pick!  You have until 5:00 PM (eastern time) on Friday, February 22 to enter. I will randomly pick a winner and announce it on the blog next Monday.


Note: I was given a Happy Band free of charge in exchange for a product review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.   

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Irrational Fears

Sometimes I let my mind get the best of me.  Even though I have successfully finished long runs in the past I still get anxiety every once in a while.  I worry about going out too far on the trail in case my legs give out on me and I end up having to walk for miles and miles.

Last week my 7 mile run went really well, so even though my legs were feeling kind of heavy I was feeling ok about my 8 miles planned for today.  Even though it was ugly (guys, running is really hard sometimes), the distance wasn't my fear.  Today it was all about the geese.

I like it this way: goose free.
I realize that being afraid of a goose is dumb, but fun fact: I hate birds.  Really hate them.  I have quite a few horror stories revolving around birds and am always apprehensive when I see them (ducks and chickadees being the exceptions).  Today as I approached the lake I noticed a force field of geese and they were not pleased with someone running up to them.  They squawked, flapped, and I swear they were making their plan of attack.

To avoid the geese, I ended up changing my course a little.  I went down some roads that I had been meaning to go on for a while instead of looping around the lake multiple times.  New scenery and not being charged by a goose?  I call it a win.  I'm looking forward to exploring the neighborhood around the park a little more now that I've discovered how pretty it is.  I guess my irrational fear ended up being a good thing this time?

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Dog Jog

Nike kept tweeting that yesterday was National Jogging Day.  I love celebrations and was not one to pass this one up so I laced up my running shoes for a short run.  

Maddux used to have really bad separation anxiety so we had to establish all kinds of routines so that I could leave the house without him freaking out.  When he saw me getting ready for a run he immediately hopped on the bed, which somehow became our sign that he was going to be ok when I left.

When I happily announced we were going on a "dog jog" to celebrate this sweaty holiday he gave me a really confused look, but jumped up happily when I grabbed his leash.  We ran half a mile slowly but surely (he's still in recovery mode so we took it easy this time) and I think Maddux loved every minute of it.  He looked so happy to stretch those little legs.  I'm looking forward to more runs with my pup.  His distance PR is 1 mile, but we stop for many pee and sniff breaks.  We'll have to work on that. 

Maddux used to be more willing to take pictures with me.  Now I have to trick him.

After dropping Maddux off at the house I finished up 2.5 miles around my neighborhood, leaving me at a total of almost 20 miles for the week.  Who else celebrated National Jogging Day?  I have no idea if this is a real thing, but like National Cupcake Day (pretty sure this occurs once a month) I have no problems joining the party.

Happy Monday!  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Words that Describe a Run

Also known as adjectives.  We'll get to them in a second.  Like everyone else in the world, I've had a crazy week.  I feel like I've been going and going.  I've had a couple of setbacks that are more annoyances than anything, but it got me a little down in the dumps.  I finally got to talk to my sister about it and she said "you'll probably feel better after you run."  I told her I hated running and she replied with "yeah, but you'll still probably feel better."

This is my sister.  She is both fun and wise.

Darn her and her wise words.  So I ran.  I had 7 miles planned for today, so I had some time to think and certain words kept popping up in my mind.

Solitude.  For my first probably 3 miles I didn't come across a single soul.  Not even a squirrel.  They are probably being smart and hibernating.  This was both creepy and peaceful.  I think I needed some alone time, but I love when the park is full of life and has lots of things to look at to keep me entertained.

Snowy!  What the heck.  But that's ok.  It was different.  (I usually avoid snow at all costs.)

Snotty.  Poor gloves.

Mind-Clearing.  I'm pretty sure I needed this run more mentally than physically, even though it was part of my self made training plan.  I got out of the funk I've been in and decided I don't actually hate running after all.

Confidence Boosting.  Once again, I needed this.  My first half of 2013 is next month and being able to do a solid 7 miles (7.3 to be exact) without any issues helped me feel a lot better about my impending long runs.

I hope you guys got to use some great adjectives for your workouts today!  Mine weren't too shabby ;-)

Happy weekend!