Saturday, February 9, 2013

Irrational Fears

Sometimes I let my mind get the best of me.  Even though I have successfully finished long runs in the past I still get anxiety every once in a while.  I worry about going out too far on the trail in case my legs give out on me and I end up having to walk for miles and miles.

Last week my 7 mile run went really well, so even though my legs were feeling kind of heavy I was feeling ok about my 8 miles planned for today.  Even though it was ugly (guys, running is really hard sometimes), the distance wasn't my fear.  Today it was all about the geese.

I like it this way: goose free.
I realize that being afraid of a goose is dumb, but fun fact: I hate birds.  Really hate them.  I have quite a few horror stories revolving around birds and am always apprehensive when I see them (ducks and chickadees being the exceptions).  Today as I approached the lake I noticed a force field of geese and they were not pleased with someone running up to them.  They squawked, flapped, and I swear they were making their plan of attack.

To avoid the geese, I ended up changing my course a little.  I went down some roads that I had been meaning to go on for a while instead of looping around the lake multiple times.  New scenery and not being charged by a goose?  I call it a win.  I'm looking forward to exploring the neighborhood around the park a little more now that I've discovered how pretty it is.  I guess my irrational fear ended up being a good thing this time?

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  1. You need to take your niece for a dog jog and get those geese out of there! Although since I think I broke her with two long walks in a row, she probably couldn't do an 8-miler with you. Glad you survived without anymore bird run-ins--I think you should wear a shirt with Dad's face on it for the next one, though, just as a warning to our feathered friends.