Monday, February 4, 2013

A Dog Jog

Nike kept tweeting that yesterday was National Jogging Day.  I love celebrations and was not one to pass this one up so I laced up my running shoes for a short run.  

Maddux used to have really bad separation anxiety so we had to establish all kinds of routines so that I could leave the house without him freaking out.  When he saw me getting ready for a run he immediately hopped on the bed, which somehow became our sign that he was going to be ok when I left.

When I happily announced we were going on a "dog jog" to celebrate this sweaty holiday he gave me a really confused look, but jumped up happily when I grabbed his leash.  We ran half a mile slowly but surely (he's still in recovery mode so we took it easy this time) and I think Maddux loved every minute of it.  He looked so happy to stretch those little legs.  I'm looking forward to more runs with my pup.  His distance PR is 1 mile, but we stop for many pee and sniff breaks.  We'll have to work on that. 

Maddux used to be more willing to take pictures with me.  Now I have to trick him.

After dropping Maddux off at the house I finished up 2.5 miles around my neighborhood, leaving me at a total of almost 20 miles for the week.  Who else celebrated National Jogging Day?  I have no idea if this is a real thing, but like National Cupcake Day (pretty sure this occurs once a month) I have no problems joining the party.

Happy Monday!  


  1. My dog would like to jog with you, too. We did not celebrate National Jogging Day and we missed out on pancake day today! I'm not doing very good at keeping up with these holidays!

    1. Yeah, I missed pancake day, too, because I actually cooked and had leftovers I needed to eat. See if I ever cook again.