Saturday, February 2, 2013

Words that Describe a Run

Also known as adjectives.  We'll get to them in a second.  Like everyone else in the world, I've had a crazy week.  I feel like I've been going and going.  I've had a couple of setbacks that are more annoyances than anything, but it got me a little down in the dumps.  I finally got to talk to my sister about it and she said "you'll probably feel better after you run."  I told her I hated running and she replied with "yeah, but you'll still probably feel better."

This is my sister.  She is both fun and wise.

Darn her and her wise words.  So I ran.  I had 7 miles planned for today, so I had some time to think and certain words kept popping up in my mind.

Solitude.  For my first probably 3 miles I didn't come across a single soul.  Not even a squirrel.  They are probably being smart and hibernating.  This was both creepy and peaceful.  I think I needed some alone time, but I love when the park is full of life and has lots of things to look at to keep me entertained.

Snowy!  What the heck.  But that's ok.  It was different.  (I usually avoid snow at all costs.)

Snotty.  Poor gloves.

Mind-Clearing.  I'm pretty sure I needed this run more mentally than physically, even though it was part of my self made training plan.  I got out of the funk I've been in and decided I don't actually hate running after all.

Confidence Boosting.  Once again, I needed this.  My first half of 2013 is next month and being able to do a solid 7 miles (7.3 to be exact) without any issues helped me feel a lot better about my impending long runs.

I hope you guys got to use some great adjectives for your workouts today!  Mine weren't too shabby ;-)

Happy weekend!


  1. Well it sounds like those are relatively positive terms! Glad I could give you a virtual swift kick in the rear and help you get out the door :)

    1. I appreciate your help :-) I'm feeling much better about life now.