Friday, March 2, 2012

2 Month Break, No Big Deal

It is absolutely ridiculous how fast 2012 is going by already.  I've been busy with working, class, and of course fun (and running!!).  First some highlights from the fabulous 2012 months:

The man friend and I cashed in on our Christmas presents to each other.  I got to go to my first Caps game!  They beat the Carolina Hurricanes.  Obviously I am good luck.  We also went to the Jack's Mannequin concert which somehow went undocumented.  

I made it home for Presidents' Day weekend to spend time with my parents and big sister.  These bad boys were baked:

I also made oreo cheesecake cookies which are also amazing. I pretend that I run a lot of miles and that eating so many cookies is completely normal.  I ran 8 solo miles on a trail near my parents' house and a few more on Monday before I headed back.  I dare you to say I didn't earn that cookie.

Maddux and I also packed up the car and headed south to Williamsburg and my old hometown in Virginia to visit my brother and best friend.  Ben and his girl friend ran a few miles with me in beautiful Williamsburg and it was a great change of pace.  Then Maddux got to meet my college roommate before we headed down to celebrate my best friend earning her LPN license!

  Check out this party animal.

My half marathon is 15 days away.  I am getting nervous  I had grand plans to run 10 miles last weekend, but my IT band was acting up so it didn't happen.  I foam rolled like a champion the past couple days and took a couple of rest days which seemed to help.  My past two runs have been pain free, although I was cautious with my pace.  I'll just have to be careful and make sure I stretch (ha) and foam roll more, especially after the longer runs.  Realistically, I do not think a PR is in my future for this run.  I haven't been training as hard as I should and to be honest, I think I'll be lucky if I finish without wanting to die.  One day I'm going to learn.  You would think for someone who actually likes to run, I would be better at following a (rough) plan.  

On a completely different note, I am seriously considering spending $100 on Brooks gear to get a VIP potty pass at the race.  It's a good excuse to shop and being able to avoid a portapotty seems totally worth it....

Enough with the crazy rambling.  Happy weekend!

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