Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation Rocks

I love summer.  I wish I loved to get up early (ha, kind of kidding) because I had a hot, hot run the other day.  On Thursday I had to run my 45 minutes.  I'm not worrying too much about the "magic mile"  because I am doing all the other miles in between training days and some of them have been fast.  Also, my watch isn't really calibrated so I don't actually know what pace I would be running.  Even if it was correct, I'm not sure how you stay on pace without looking at your watch the whole time.  Yes, I am new to running and technology.  My Nike sportsband is just fine with me and its noncomplexities. I set my alarm for 6:30 and then hit the snooze button until I finally just turned it off altogether.  I got to the trail and began running at 10:00.

Highlights of the run?  There is now a portapotty in the parking lot.  I hope it sticks around.  Obviously, with the insane heat I had to hydrate and I may have been a little overzealous.  I also have a very weak bladder.  Regardless, it was clean and it had a foot pedal to flush.  A clear winner in my book.  I should have taken a picture.  Other than that, there wasn't much good about the run other than I finished it.  I kept the run between the car and the water fountain about a mile and a half away which worked ok, but I think I may have been too over cautious.  Perhaps this has to do with the fact that my mom's words to me as I went out the door were "Don't die of heat stroke."  Even though I'm technically an adult, I still try to not get on that lady's bad side.

Other than that, running hasn't been too remarkable.  The best run of the week was with my favorite running buddy!  Maddux woke me up incredibly too early for a Saturday, but my dad was downstairs getting ready for a run.  By the time I was ready, there was a towel for my sweat (my dad knows me so well) and a Gatorade waiting in the truck.  I am NOT a morning runner as mentioned above.  Everything feels stiff and I feel like it takes me a while to get going (especially pre-coffee!!!!), but I was so excited to be on a run with my dad again.  I did run a strong 7 miles on the treadmill on Sunday.  I had to rearrange my running again this week because of traveling, but I think being flexible has helped me stay more mentally in the game.  While the last couple miles were tough (my butt and thighs were feelin' it big time) I overall felt proud of the effort.  I also had a guy cheering for me at the gym.  As he left he clapped and said "Keep running, girl!" in a non creepy way.  It was nice to have some friendly gym going support, especially since I was dripping with sweat.

Today is day 29 of the Runner's World Summer Run Streak!  Only a week a couple days left! At first I thought it was going to be sucky and hard, but it turns out that running at least a mile a day isn't so bad.  The first month of it has actually gone by really fast.  Yay running!

I was totally going to add some pictures in here for viewing pleasure, however, that would require a little more effort than I am willing to put in at the moment and The Bachelorette will be on soon (hurray!).

Happy Summer! :)

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