Friday, July 5, 2013

End of the Summer Running Streak

The past week or so I've unplugged a little and escaped to sunny San Diego.  My nice friend and I had planned a get away and I had been looking forward to it for weeks.  My parents are the best ever and I was able to convince them to watch Maddux for the week and take us to the airport.  Our timing was perfect and we ended up being at my parents' house at the same as my sister, aunt, and grandpa.  It was so nice getting to hang out with the family and it was the perfect way to start the summer.

After a very early start to our day, my nice friend and I arrived in San Diego early Tuesday afternoon.  I had such a fun time over the week going to a baseball game, a couple of breweries, the famous zoo, Sea World, beaches, and a fun event at the House of Blues where we got to drink local beer (San Diego is the craft beer capital of the US) and listen to local bands.  Some highlights of the trip:

I was a little nervous about getting my runs in since I knew we were going to be so busy.  Once we got there and I saw where I got to run I realized it wasn't going to be so bad after all.  The weather was amazing and the scenery was gorgeous.  Think high 60s and by the water.

They call this "June Gloom."  I will still take it. 

One of the days my nice friend suggested we switch it up and go to Mission Bay Park.  I had a great run and loved the trail.  The week went by way too fast!  I was definitely spoiled by the perfect running conditions and had a great running partner for most of the days.  I ended up running my fastest miles of the summer.  I'm going to look for a fall 5k so that I can hopefully keep up the momentum!

Now that the Runner's World Summer Running Streak is over I'm going to try to mix up my workouts a little.  I was definitely proud of myself for finishing the streak even when I was traveling, but I gotta say it was nice giving the legs a little break today.  I have some spin classes coming up and I couldn't be more excited to give it another go!  

Happy weekend!

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