Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boordy Vineyards 5k Recap

Sunday night was the Charm City Run Boordy Vineyard 5k. One of my friends is a serious wine lover (she is planning on visiting about 20 more before the year is over!) and I was able to convince her to run with me pretty easily.  We got to the race in plenty of time and parked right by the starting line (have I mentioned before how much I love smaller races?).  We stood in line for about 2 minutes to pick up our packets and then just hung out until the start.  (Seriously, I love smaller races.)

Maddux is a fan of purple race shirts, too.

The race started right on time and while it was pretty bright and sunny, I really enjoyed the course.  I was a little nervous about running through the vineyard because the ground was a little uneven, but I liked the out and back layout.  It's always nice to know exactly what you have left.  I was happy to see the water station was strategically placed so that you passed it twice.  I took advantage of it both times!  The run never felt particularly good, but I managed to keep a decent pace.  Unfortunately, the second I passed the 3 mile mark my body decided to retch.  It was a little odd considering I felt ok right before.  I was so embarrassed.  Of course it happened right when I was in the midst of every spectator at the race.  I couldn't keep running because I couldn't physically move without retching more and I couldn't bear the thought of soiling the finish line with puke.  Eventually I managed to start back up again and ended the race in 28:05.  Not gonna lie, I was kind of upset once I realized how my time would have been pretty awesome had I not had my moment.  Even though the end was not my finest moment, I still had a great time and can't wait to run in the race next year!

I can't say enough good things about Charm City Run and how well organized the race was! At the end of the race they had cold water bottles available and the food tables (crackers, bread, grapes, a variety of cheeses--perfect post race snack!) were set up so that runners could form 3 or 4 different lines.  We filled our plates quickly and found a place to sit to enjoy the music before our wine tasting.  Once we were done eating we went to the bar to enjoy our 6 tastings that came with our race entry.  While a lot of the wines available were on the sweeter side, it was still fun getting to hang out with a great friend and try a new place out.

Thanks again to Charm City Run and Boordy Vineyards!  My only hope is that no one captured my moment of glory at the finish line.


  1. So glad you had a good run (minus the end--and I still hope someone got a photo for the funny cards at Target!). You got a cute shirt, too!

    1. I know, I like the shirt, too! I really liked the race even though it had an unfortunate ending. Maybe next year I won't be such a wimp, haha!