Saturday, November 16, 2013

Training Plan Updates

As I mentioned in my last post, I started a training plan a few weeks ago.  When I ran the Disney Tower of Terror 10 Miler and the Crawlin' Crab Half a year ago I followed one of the training plans on the Run Disney website.  While I'm sure there was probably a run or two that didn't go exactly to plan, I felt really strong throughout both races.  They were just really good and solid and I felt proud at the end knowing that I had done my best.

Yay running!

Since the Inaugural Crawlin' Crab, I have completed two half marathons.  Neither were anything to brag about.  Yes, I finished and that's an accomplishment, but I knew I could do so much more.  Because race fees can be insanely expensive, I decided that before I register for the next one I am going to put in two months of a training plan.  If I am sticking to the plan and it's starting to feel good, I will register.  If I miss runs and am not giving it my all then I will wait until I can find it in myself to really commit.

Right now I am ending the third week and things have been going really well.  Most of my runs have taken place outside (although I'm debating how many treadmill runs I should aim for...more on this later) and so far I have put in over 37 miles which is a good start.  I don't want to rush and do too much too fast and get hurt.  My longest run so far has been 6 miles, and while it was MISERABLE, it got done. (Just a side note, pretty much every other run has felt great.)

I'm trying to be smart and get some cross training in there, too, but I figure if I'm at least hitting all my runs I'll be in good shape.  Right now I'm loving the Nike Training Club App because of the 15 minute targeted workouts.  They are good ones, too!  My arms are so sore right now from last night's workout!

You guys know that I have weird guilt over leaving Maddux, but I've done my best to remedy this by planning my runs accordingly.  Right now I put two of my runs on the weekend and the third can be completed any time during the week.  There are a few weeks where I had to adjust based on my personal schedule, but knowing I just have one run I have to finish after work makes it a lot easier (especially now that it gets dark so early!).  I'm also trying to put myself first for one of the weekend days and Maddux first on the other day.  For example, last week I went out and did my run and then took Maddux on his long walk of the day and then the next day I took Maddux to a park first and then did my run.  Gotta make sure I don't neglect the pup!

Perfect day to explore a new trail with my boy!

I think the fact that I made my schedule as flexible as possible and that I worked around some stuff I already knew I had planned that I'll be in pretty good shape.  I just don't know if I have another disappointing race in me right now.  Obviously there's no telling how I'll feel in a few weeks, but if I still want it as bad then as I do now I think I'm going to have an amazing race.

Happy weekend!


  1. You've got a great plan in how to approach the next race so that you don't risk wasting money! What race(s) are you looking at?

    1. I'm definitely trying! We'll see how it goes as the days keep getting darker and colder, haha! My eye is on the Shamrock in VA Beach. I have a slight obsession with J&A races :-)