Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday and the World's Thickest Pancakes

The weekend is finally here!  For a short week it felt incredibly long.

I have not been on a run since the Larry Noel.  It's not exactly how I planned it.  Yes, I realize that is not ideal.  Life got in the way and honestly when it is hot and humid and I am flashing vivid memories of the race, other plans were looking a little better..

Wednesday has been my normal run day since Maddux's dog walker comes during the day and I know that he has not been alone the entire time I'm at work.

One of my friend who I had been trying to get together with for literally months asked if I could go to Dogfish Head Alehouse and it was an easy decision.  It was great to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in years and have my favorite beer.

On Thursday I decided to make up for my lack of activity by doing some sets of butt and thigh exercises.  I am still feeling it today!

  • Leg Lifts-1 minute each side
  • Bridge-1 minute
  • Stationary Lunges holding 5 pound weights-1 minute each side
  • Squats holding 5 pound weights-1 minute
  • Butt Kick Backs (no idea what these suckers are actually called...)-1 Minute each leg followed by pulses 1 minute each leg.
  • Leg Lifts-1 minute each side
  • Stationary Lunges holding 5 pound weights-1 minute each side
  • Squats holding 5 pound weights-1 minute
For approximately a 15 minute workout I definitely felt a good burn and it was something I could easily do at home.  Winner in my book.  Added bonus: I am trying to incorporate more butt exercises in my life to help with my IT band issues.  I heard through the grape vine it works.  So far I haven't had as many problems, but my running has been lackluster these days, so that might be it....

Friday was full of excuses.  Work had to be evacuated right when it was about time to go home and we sat out for over an hour before I finally decided to forget all the work I had waiting on my desk and just go home.  Maddux was regressing to his hulk days.  I swear we went out at least 8 times before he calmed down.  Poor guy.  I hope he's not feeling bad.  I traded my run for pajamas and episodes of My Boys on Netflix.

Me?  The Hulk?  No way...

I need a strategy to get back on my plan.  I still have a solid 4 weeks until my half marathon.  I am going to invest in some new running shoes this weekend which will hopefully be motivation in itself.  I am planning on writing down all the runs I want to do on like 17 calendars so they are constantly in my face.  I usually tend to do things that are written down.  Gotta love checklists :-)

This morning my goal is to run 6 miles.  Maddux woke me up earlier than I wanted to, and since it is gray out I am in the process of making pancakes.  I guess it's because the original recipe didn't call for any milk, but holy cow these bad boys are thick!

Pancakes or biscuits?

I ended up adding a ton of milk to make them a more pancake like consistency.  The little bite I had didn't seem like the recipe was going to be worth sharing, even though they seem to be pretty healthy (greek yogurt and no extra sugar!).

Other than that, I have no weekend plans minus my speed work tomorrow.  It's going to be a gloriously lazy weekend.  


  1. I think I've decided that Greek yogurt pancakes are inferior to the amazing Bisquik recipe and I will not trade in taste for health benefits when it comes to pancakes :) i'm glad yours weren't that awesome because I thought about making pancakes and when I saw the title of this I was really sad that you had them and I didn't--now I feel better :)

    1. I agree! I have had a few recipes that I've liked (my peanut butter pancakes from a couple weekends ago were AMAZING), but overall I find myself disappointed that I didn't just make the tired and true ones! Let's have a pancake party next time you are here! We can make Bisquick with a bunch of different add ins :-)