Monday, November 12, 2012

A Happy Weekend

This weekend has been nice and relaxing.  I was lucky enough to have today off of work so I didn't have to stress about  catching up on work too much for the majority of the weekend.

Saturday I went on a run at the park.  Although I normally don't like running with my phone, I used the RunKeeper app to check the calibration on my Nike+.  They were within .2 miles of each other so I say that's pretty good!  I ended up running 4.20 miles in about 40 minutes and let me tell you, it was TOUGH.  The route has some pretty good hills, but I did almost the same run a week ago and it was not nearly as rough as Saturday's.  I guess that's the beauty of running--ya never know what you're going to get ;-)  All in all, I tried to relax and enjoy the beautiful day.  It really was gorgeous out and I was happy that I went.

Look!  I got faster as the run went!  (Spoiler Alert: the big hills were over at that point)

After my run and my usual arm workout, my nice friend and I headed back to the park to take Maddux on a walk.  We had plans to go to dinner and a movie and figured we'd let Mad Dog enjoy stretching his legs a little first.  I love seeing how happy my pup is when we go to parks and trails.  He's really in his element.

We had been planning on trying Frisco Taphouse for a while now (we like going to restaurants with a good beer selection an we had heard good things!) and it definitely lived up to my expectations.  My Punk Bitch IPA came in a huge, heavy glass.  Does lifting it up count as part of my workout?  I'd highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys trying unique beers.

After dinner we headed to the movie theater and were glad that we stopped by before dinner to get our tickets--the line was insane!  Once we got in the movie I could see why so many people were lined up. The new Bond movie was incredible!  I always enjoy the movies, but this one I'm pretty sure was my favorite.  I never felt like it was getting too long, which tends to happen with those movies for me.

Sunday I continued on with the lazy day theme and did a little shopping with my aunt, uncle, and a couple of my cousins.  I hadn't really spent money on anything other than running apparel lately and necessities, so it was nice to find some good sales on things I can actually wear out (psh like I don't wear my running spandex out..).

Told ya I'd get that red cup picture ;-)
Needless to say, it was another perfect weekend.  Today I plan on another outdoor run (woohoo!) and getting some work done before my return to the grind tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. I am also jealous of your neat beer selections.

  2. Maybe we can go when you guys are here! Or we could just go to Dogfish... either way there's no doubt there will be good beer that weekend!! :-)