Sunday, November 18, 2012

Don't Panic 5k Recap

Last year I found the Don't Panic 5k on a race calendar and was really excited because it was local and even more excited because it was the weekend before my birthday.  I proclaimed it my "birthday race" and had a blast running it last year.  When I saw it was back on the calendar for this year (once again, the weekend before my birthday) I couldn't wait to sign up!

My friend Val came up from Richmond to run and it was so good to catch up!  We got up bright and early and made our way down to the race.  Packet pick up was quick and easy and we got lots of goodies in a reusable shopping bag plus a cute (long sleeve!!!) t-shirt.

I worked really hard to capture that natural light.  Can't you tell? ;-)
The weather was chilly, but once we got started I warmed up pretty quickly.  Talking with Val made the time go by really fast and I only glanced at my watch when we hit the mile marks.  I really just wanted to enjoy the race and not stress too much about the time.  The first two miles felt really good.  We were hovering around low 9 minute miles which was a perfect pace for a 5k.  The volunteers were really nice and the course went around the city and through a trail that I love running on.  Once we got past mile 2 I knew what was coming--the dreaded final mile uphill.  Not gonna lie, it was tough.  I felt like my breakfast wasn't sitting perfectly and my legs were just starting to feel really sluggish going up. After what felt like an eternity, we finally rounded a corner and had a nice downhill finish.  I ended up finishing the race (according to my Nike+) in 28:05.  Not too shabby.

I feel like the race knew it was my birthday race because once again there was a variety of Georgetown Cupcakes to choose from and a Barefoot Wine booth that was pouring mimosas!  Seriously, could there be a more perfect ending to a race?  The atmosphere was really relaxed and everyone just seemed happy.  As much as I love all the excitement surrounding the larger well known races, I like the smaller local races just as much.

All in all, a perfect race that I will definitely be running next year!


  1. That is a cute shirt! Glad you had a good birthday race! (And hope you got all that out of your system because we will not be celebrating that way on your actual birthday!)

  2. Turkey Trot and then cupcakes and booze? Come one now. We don't have to trot long! :-)

  3. I had so much fun with you! I'm so glad I could make it! Next order of business: finding a fun race in Richmond for you to come down for :)

  4. It was SO much fun! Thanks again for coming! I'll keep my eyes open for a Richmond race, too! We can't wait that long in between seeing each other again!