Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don't Panic 5k

Friday night I was sitting around looking at upcoming races and I remembered that about a month ago I was excited because there was a race in my town the weekend before my birthday.  Weeeeellll that weekend is here!  I debated for a while with my sister because I didn't think I would have anybody to run with and that kind of makes me nervous.  I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k intending to run by myself, but knowing that I would have a friend watching and other friends running somewhere in the race. I'm still working on the race by myself mindset.  Almost all of my runs are solo, so why not race solo?  Who knows the answer?  Luckily, my sister convinced me that it could be liberating doing a race by myself (crazy that I wanted to run, but liberating all the same) and then I got a text from my awesome marathoner friend Christine saying that she would run with me!

We ended up having perfect weather for the race and there was a good turn out, but not overly crowded.  The race benefited injured firemen and policemen and I am happy to report that I saw quite a few firemen out there.  As far as the actual running went, the first mile or so was downhill which was wonderful.  Until we realized that hey, we got down there so now we have to get back up somehow.  Christine was awesome at having enough breath to tell me stories to keep my mind off the mile hill and we ended up running the race in about 29:10.  I didn't have a real goal for this race, but I thought it would be awesome to be able to do it in under 30 minutes.  I am gaining confidence in building up my speed again, and it was nice to have a decent number on the board again.  Unfortunately, my Nike chip still is having some issues so that nice time won't be showing up on my training log any time soon.  At least there were cupcakes waiting for me at the finish line.  The best part is that the store they come from usually has a line wrapped around the outside and you have to wait hours (seriously) to get one.  All I had to do was run a few miles.  I call that a good deal.

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