Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fresh Start

Originally I had started blogging on a site that I was more familiar with, but since it has been a lonnnng while since I have written anything, I figured it was time for a fresh start.

On a running note, the Hot Chocolate 15k is coming up so soon.  My rough plan is to run 3 times a week.  One after work run, two weekend runs.  The goal is to do intervals during the afterwork run, mostly so that I can get it over with faster.  One of the weekend runs will be a "long run."  Considering there isn't much time before the race, none of the runs are going to be longer than the actual race.  The man friend insists that the adrenaline from the race will push me through a few miles.  I am hoping he is right.  I am thinking that the promise of hot chocolate and a chocolate fountain at the end will be more motivating than the adrenaline, but what do I know ;-)

This week's after work run happened on Wednesday.  I was feeling slightly motivated so I had to grab at the chance to go.  Positive: I went!  I did NOT want to run.  Overall it felt really good and I was able to increase my speed without falling off the treadmill.  Negative: Treadmill.  It was dark out by the time Maddux and I finished our walk.  There's value in the treadmill.  I like how you can control the pace.  A lot of times when I am running outside I have false perceptions of how fast I am actually going.

Tomorrow's plan is 6 miles.  Another part of the plan is a peppermint chip milkshake from Chickfila to celebrate my longest run since the summer.  (Summer seems so.long.ago.  But that means it's almost back, right?)  I'm trying to set a realistic goal for the race (December 3!!!!!!) and I'm thinking that 1hr 35 min is all I can really hope for at this point.  It's frustrating, but other than the chocolate, the reason for signing up for this race was to have a good training base for the half marathon in March.  If i can survive this race I can definitely survive the half in a few months and perhaps take that minute off my time.  

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