Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ready to Run

I'm finally (slowly) starting to feel better and have been able to do more than lounge around the house.  I think the snow day did me some good!

Maddux and I enjoyed the beautiful weather we had on Thursday and headed to the park for some fresh air and a short walk.  I think my pup was happy to have a decent walk!  Between travel, bad weather, and feeling gross we hadn't been to the park in a long time and we were both excited to be back.

You can't tell from here, but the geese were looming in the background. 

The past few days I have been doing the exercise bike at the gym.  It's one of the less popular machines so I've been able to hop on with no problem which is nice.  The battle for the 'mills can get old.  While I've definitely missed running, the bike has been kind of nice.  I read one of the magazines that has been sitting in a "to read" pile for months or listen to my beloved "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!"  Maybe I'll add it in to my regular routine once I have one again.  I'm supposed to be cross training anyway, right?

I think now the time has come to try out a run (well...a run/walk.  I'm trying to be smart here and not push myself back into my bad rut).  I've been feeling pretty good the past few days and I have been ready for WEEKS to run.  As much as I hate it, I'm forgoing the gorgeous weather outside and sticking to the 'mill just in case things go wrong, but I'm so, so excited!  Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well!

The rest of the weekend should be amazing because the pretty weather is supposed to keep up.  For once I have no real plans so I can spend most of my time planning for my best friend's upcoming bachelorette party and hanging out with my favorite guy.

Apparently not looking at the camera runs in our family.

I hope your weekend's off to a great start!


  1. Haha I love that picture of you and Maddux. (Nice sweater btw)

    Hope you had a successful run!

  2. Haha, thank you! It's one of my favorites. Glad I got it even though that stupid coupon didn't work :)

    My run was ok! It was nice to be out there again even if it didn't feel so hot!