Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Weekend Run

This week has been crazy and I didn't make it to the gym once.  I was really looking forward to my group run to kick off the Zooma Annapolis race training this morning!  While I'm not committing to the full training program (the month of April is completely booked and there's no way I would make it to any of the runs), I thought it would be fun to attend the event, meet some new people, and check out a new running store.

The event didn't disappoint!  I arrived a couple of minutes late (neither my GPS or phone were cooperating and since I am navigationally challenged I needed to get at least one of them working!) and ladies were signing in as I arrived. I thought it was nice that they wanted to make sure everyone who left made it back ok!  A couple of minutes later we were out the door of Charm City Run and on our way to run.

There were ladies of all ages and different fitness levels so it was great knowing that I would probably have someone to chat with.  I went on a group run once and everyone there was pretty much a triathlete.  They were nice and slowed down for me, but I liked not having to worry about that this time around!  As we went out the door I noticed someone with a J&A race hoodie on (my favorite race organizers!) and we ended up talking for the duration of the 3.5 mile run.  It was a nice change of pace having someone to keep me company during a run and the time flew by!

When we got back they had Panera bagels, coffee, protein drinks, and mimosas waiting for us along with the option to get fitted for sports bras and some good deals throughout the store.  Everyone was incredibly nice and it was really fun getting to talk to the different runners about different races we had done or had coming up.  I'm really excited about the race and even more so after this event.

Now I'm off to spend some time with my main man before getting ready for a friend's birthday dinner!  Have a happy Saturday!


  1. My nephew looks so trim! Have you not been feeding him? Thank goodness Aunt B gets to see him NEXT WEEKEND and can spoil him with a few extra treats :)

    1. Haha, he is excited to see you, but not as much as I am!! He would like to know if the wobble board and tunnel will be present :) You know there is no starving in this house though....we would be way too cranky.