Friday, April 5, 2013

Separation Anxiety

I am really good at making excuses to be lazy.  Don't get me wrong, nothing beats the feeling when you're done with a run, but sometimes it is really hard to get out of the door.  My latest excuse?  Separation anxiety.

Maddux is the love of my life.  There have been many times when I get home from work and feel guilty for leaving him again to go to the gym.  He used to have really bad separation anxiety and would bark and cry if I left him.  Now after lots of hard work we have gotten into a routine that eases his worrying and he knows that I'll be back soon for him.  I'm pretty sure it's harder on me to leave him than it is on him.  I know deep down that he's ok and he just enjoys a nap while I'm away, but his naturally sad eyes make it super hard.

We recently went home for a few days to spend Easter with my family.  I hadn't seen my entire family since Christmas so I was really happy to be all together again.  Usually I am pretty good at running consistently when I'm at my parents' house, but this time I hated knowing that any minute I spent working out was a minute spent away from them (I tend to get this way when I have no set date to see them again).  Luckily, my whole family enjoys getting outside to walk and we took the dogs on a nice long hike on a trail at a nearby park.  I also managed to get on the exercise bike and did about 7 miles while I read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  Just a side note, if you haven't read this book yet you should!  I LOVED it.  There were so many twists and I had a hard time putting it down!

6 of the 9 hikers :-)

One day I convinced my little brother to run with me.  It was incredibly windy and I was really sad that in my haste to pack I forgot to grab my headband that covered my ears.  He ran the first mile of my run and then he looped back to the house while I ran about 2.5 miles more.  It was nice having him help get me out the door.

Now that we're back home I'm hoping to fall back into somewhat normal of a routine.  April is packed with lots of fun events, so I'm going to have to really plan out my workouts to make sure they are happening.

Happy Friday!