Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nike Women's Half Expo

My posting has been sadly inconsistent lately, but I felt that nobody really wanted to read about nondescript workouts.  I have gotten in some decent cross training this week though and plan to revamp my running after this week so that I can really rock Zooma in June.

Last night, my nice friend's sister and I headed down to the Nike Women's Half Expo to pick up our packets. I loved that they had the expo open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so that there was plenty of time to go.  I usually get a little stressed about packet pick up logistics, so it was nice to have some options!

I loved all the strong women messages throughout the expo!

Picking up our race numbers was really easy.  Nike emailed a confirmation barcode out earlier in the week, so they were able to quickly scan it and give you your number.  They gave us a lot of stuff and we're not really sure what we're supposed to wear and what we can wear if we just feel like it, but figure we'll go ahead and wear it all just in case.

Shampoo, Bare Minerals, and Snack Samples--my kind of race pack!

After grabbing our race bags we went down to the Expotique and I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere.  The loud music made it impossible not to get a little more pumped and they had a lot of things to look at, try, and do.  Outside the expo, volunteers were holding up signs saying things like "woohoo!" and "you go girl!" and everyone was so friendly!  Nike gave you a card with a password which you could try out at different stations to try to win a prize.  Unfortunately all we got was "Access Denied" on our screens, but it was still a fun feature.  We got to grab samples of Luna Bars, try Nuun, and even had the option of getting our hair and make up done.  I can honestly say I've never been to a race expo quite like this before!  One of my favorite parts was the wall that you could sign.  So many people had written a variation of "Run for Boston" and it really makes you realize just how strong the running community is.

As we headed out we made sure to stop by the wall of the Nike store to find our names!  They had made a custom race wall and all the participants names were on it, which I thought was a fun, unique feature.

While I'm still trying to get my mind around the fact that this is going to be a more relaxed race and I will be taking it pretty easy, it's hard not to be excited after visiting the expo.  I know it's not going to be my goal race anymore, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the sights of DC and what race day will hold.  The Tiffany's necklace at the end doesn't hurt either!

Happy race weekend!



  1. Yay Tiffany's! Glad you're excited about the race! I know you'll have fun!

    1. It was so much fun! Gorgeous weather and the blue box from a hunk in a tux made for a great run!