Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Just thought I would pop in to say Happy National Running Day!  We really couldn't have gotten more perfect weather for it and I ran 2 miles around my neighborhood in honor of the holiday.

So far the Runner's World Summer Running Streak has been going really well.  I actually ran the day before the streak started, so I have been running for 11 days straight for a total of 21.44 miles.  My legs have been feeling really good, and honestly, I've been taking it pretty easy most of the days.  So far so good!

I swear Maddux knows what I mean when I say "dog jog" now.  As we headed out the door today I asked him if we were going on a dog jog and he took off as soon as we hit the sidewalk.  While it didn't last long (sniffing trees appealed to him more than the actually running) it was nice to know that my pup got to celebrate for a minute or two!

Either he is tired from his 2 minute jog, or didn't want to be near my sweaty self.  Who knows.

I hope everyone has had some happy miles today!  If you are on Twitter or Instagram make sure to use #IMARUNNER.  Timex is donating $5 per entry to the One Fund Boston up to $15,000.  For more information on this and other National Running Day news click HERE.

Happy running!


  1. This is not a holiday that we celebrated! I'm glad you got to, though :)

    1. I celebrated donut day yesterday! That's one everyone can enjoy :-)