Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zooma Annapolis 10k Recap

I can finally say I'm getting in some consistent miles again!  The Runner's World Summer Running Streak started up on Monday so every day I'll be getting in at least a mile until July 4.  The first mile on Monday was ridiculously tough.  I kind of regretted committing since my running has been so subpar lately, but so far the rest of the days have been going really well.

Thanks to Pavement Runner for the pic!  Grab it HERE!

On Friday I headed to Annapolis to pick up my race number.  I hadn't gotten any emails full of information which made me a little nervous.  I know a lot of the emails are completely unnecessary, but I love feeling prepared and like I know every single little detail.  The expo was easy to get to and there was a parking garage a block away.  Picking up my number was simple and they had samples of Luna Bars and Honest Tea.  After giving the volunteer my name she put a number and tech shirt in a cute bag and sent me on my way.  Once again, I got nervous when I found there was no additional information in my bag.  I guess they figured since everything you possibly needed to know was on the website they didn't need to waste paper giving us the same information, which I respect, but the crazy detail obsessed lady in me hated it a little.

When I got home, I had a Racer 5 IPA (the racer part made it seem right), laid out everything I would need for my race, and got ready for an early bed time.  When my alarm went off at 4:45 the next morning I quickly got ready and was out the door by 5:15.  Maddux was not pleased with the wake up call, but seemed to forgive me after I gave him breakfast and let him get back in bed.

I got to the race in plenty of time.  The parking was super easy (yes, parking at a DC area race!  Right next to the start!) and there was a nice long line of porta potties.  There was plenty of time before the race started and I ended up getting to meet a fellow SPA, Lisa!  She was so sweet and has been totally killing it at her races lately.  You can check out her blog here!

Lining up for the race went smoothly.  They didn't have corrals, but had pace per mile signs on the fence so you could line up appropriately.  I couldn't hear the announcements very well, but I did notice that they encouraged walkers to go to the back which was nice.  The race started and wound around the  Navy Stadium.  I was in a weird mood at the start of the race and had a hard time getting into it, but once we got to the downtown part of the race I started thinking about the day date my nice friend and I had back in January.  Remembering our fun day put me in a much better mindset and the miles started flying by.  That is, until the bridge.  At first I was happy to see the bridge because there was a much needed water stop.  Then I realized how uphill and sunny it was.  It was absolutely brutal going up, but going down was glorious.  After a brief struggle right after the bridge I ended up finishing up strong.  The race wasn't a full 10k, but I didn't really have a problem with it since it was rather hot outside.

After crossing the finish line I stood in line to receive my finisher's necklace, water bottle, yoga mat, and snack box (hummus!  Odd post race snack, but delicious!).  Thinking back, I probably should have ran to put stuff in the car before grabbing my snack box since they didn't have anything to keep all the goodies in, but after some readjusting I made it back without dropping everything.  I ended up getting home right before 9 which was awesome and had a nice chill day full of naps with my pup and pool time with my nice friend.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this race.  I loved how it was capped to 4,000.  It was nice being in a smaller setting than most DC area races and you got a lot of amazing stuff with your entry fee.  I think probably most of the indifference toward it comes from my weird mood.  I had a good time, I just wasn't my typical "YEAH RACE DAY!" self.   Who knows.  Congrats to all those who raced Zooma yesterday, ESPECIALLY the half marathoners!  You guys are amazing for rocking it in that heat!


  1. Congrats! So glad that I bumped into you at the potties LOL And there was no "killing it" yesterday! It was my second to worst race but I still had tons of fun! It's nice to know I can have a blast without a PR :)

    1. I'm glad we ran into each other, too! I feel like when it's that hot you have to shift the focus on just having fun :) We'll be ready to rock the fall races after running in that all summer--PRs all around!

  2. That's such a cute water bottle! I'm jealous--our awesome Pirates bottle got a leak in it, so we're on a quest for the perfect new bottle, and so far, there's been no luck!

    1. Good luck! It's kind of silly how hard it can be to find a just right water bottle.