Saturday, May 25, 2013

Doggin' Maryland

While it's been a running around crazy week, it hasn't been a successful running week.  Remember how I was planning on running intervals the other day?  That didn't happen.  I felt terrible once I started going and opted for the bike instead.  I don't know what was going on, but I felt it was better to be safe than sorry.  I ended up doing a 10k on the bike and feeling absolutely miserable for the rest of the night.  Luckily after a good night's sleep I was able to tackle the rest of the week.

This week has really been all about my pup.  On Wednesday Maddux graduated from his manners class and then on Thursday we were back at the training facility for a tricks workshop.  I had so much fun with my boy and he came away learning how to wave goodbye and is able to jump through a hoola hoop.  We got the foundations for a few other tricks, too, so maybe we'll have to have some videos on the blog soon ;-)

One of my cousins came to visit this weekend and we decided to visit one of the parks from the book Doggin' Maryland that my sister got me for Christmas.  The book is really great and lists how the trails are marked (paved/unpaved, signs/unnamed, etc).  I searched through the pages and tried to find one that I would be less willing to explore by myself.  I'm all for going to new places, but I also want to be careful.  I don't want to be in a super secluded area or find myself lost on an unmarked trail.  We got a gorgeous day for an adventure and headed to Little Bennett Regional Park.  I had a great time hiking through the woods to the old schoolhouse.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the swinging bridge I was so excited about is gone.  It looks like there are a lot of other things to see, so I guess it's ok.  The part of the park that the schoolhouse is near has a really wide, clear trail.  I'm not sure I would do the other trails we hiked on today by myself, but this one was right up my alley.  As much as I love the more rugged trails,  I'm all for easy paths when Mad Dog and I are on our own.

After about three hours of hiking we decided to call it a day and now I have one tired pup.  I'm really looking forward to checking out more trails from the book this summer!  

Speaking of summer, the Runner's World Summer Running Streak is starting back up again on Monday.  Last year I did it and secretly kind of loved it.  I feel like I really have no good excuse not to try again this year...Anybody else streaking this summer?!  (Haha, I know, I'm so mature.)



  1. There is a park with a swinging bridge in Mom and Dad's book, so you can look into going there some time. But Barley and I will absolutely not be going on that with you.