Sunday, October 27, 2013

Relaxing Fall Weekend

This weekend has been the perfect balance of relaxing and productive.  On Saturday I had to get some stuff with my car taken care of so I got up early in hopes to beat the lines.  It ended up being super quick and I made it to Panera to pick up some bagels (including my beloved Pink Ribbon Bagel...only a few days left of it this year!) and home in less than an hour.

Every fall Saturday should start with Pumpkin Pie bagels and coffee in the San Diego Zoo mug.

I still feel like I'm trying to get my life back together after traveling and I did some much needed deep cleaning of my apartment when I got home.  I always feel better knowing my apartment is nice and neat!  Maddux and I got in a nice, long walk around our neighborhood and some quality napping time before I hit the road for my run.  As I was getting out of my car at the park, I noticed that someone had put a huge scratch on the hood of my car!  I was beyond angry (it certainly doesn't look like an accident) and ended up taking it out on my run.  It felt good to burn off some frustration and my run was significantly faster than most of them have been lately!  At least something good came from it I guess!

When I got home and opened my mail I found a package from my college roommate waiting for me.  Inside was the sweetest card and pictures asking me to be her bridesmaid!  I can't wait to be a part of her special day!  Definitely a great way to lift my mood.  She's marrying an amazing guy who lived across from us our sophomore year of college and I couldn't be happier for them!  (He's also an amazing cook.  He used to make us "family dinner" in college.  Major points there!)

Today has been a perfectly lazy day.  My nice friend and I went to a comedy show that was a little later than this girl is used to staying up last night so I spent most of the day sleeping in.  We carved our pumpkin and I'm starting to get really excited for Halloween!  It's always been one of my favorite holidays and I love getting in the spirit.

After our pumpkin carving, Maddux and I headed to the park to get in a walk and enjoy the gorgeous day. As we approached our car at the end of our walk we saw a deer standing right next to the car!  Maddux definitely gave the deer a vicious look, but the deer didn't seemed fazed at all and after lazily glancing in Maddux's direction went back to eating its grass.  I think it hurt Maddux's pride a little ;-)

I hope everyone has had a wonderfully relaxing weekend!


  1. Clearly that deer was dumb and didn't recognize Maddux for the honeybader he is.

    1. Haha seriously! Although it's possible something was wrong with the looked as if it had mange....