Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turn that Frown Upside Down

It's incredible how something as simple as a run can affect my mood in such a major way.  Today I was frustrated.  It's been hard getting back into a normal life routine and the traffic that comes with said routine.  Plus, saying goodbye to sweet summer is never easy.  It just kind of seemed like nothing was going exactly how I wanted it today (I'll spare you the details, just know I was in a bit of a mood) and when I got to the gym my treadmill unexpectedly cut off after about a minute of running.  The guy on the 'mill next to me was so nice and adjusted the cord (apparently the way the cord was lying made it shake out when the treadmill started moving?  I don't know...) and offered to switch machines with me so I could get my run in without having to worry.  Between his kindness and pushing myself harder than I have in a long time I felt a million times better when I left.  Yay sweat!

In other news, my sweet foster pup found a home on Sunday!  Jess went to the perfect family and will have a mom, dad, brother, and pet cat.  I couldn't have asked for a better place for her!  Seeing how excited they were to adopt her made me excited, too, and I didn't even get emotional as I said goodbye to her!  Maybe I'm getting better at this foster thing?

Look at that smile!  She knew she was going to find a family :-)

I also found a group to run with!  While I still want to give the running club another shot (summer months are hard to judge since everybody is traveling and off their typical routines), I'm excited that I have another option.  This one starts a little later in the morning (win) and the guys I ran with said that the group usually runs at a 9:00-10:00 minute pace.  Plus, you can earn store credit with the miles that you log.  That's pretty sweet.

I put my selfie in black and white so that I would look less sweaty and red faced.
In my defense, it rained the first few miles, so there was no hope for a decent pic.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for and have so many things to make me smile, but sometimes all you need is a good run to help you gain perspective back in your life.

What turns your bad mood around?  In addition to running, seeing my pup's happy face is a surefire way to make me smile.  The Candy Bar Pie Ben & Jerry's in my freezer hasn't hurt either...


  1. I like that you can earn store credit! Glad you found a group you like.

    1. I know! It's a nice perk :-) Plus, it makes a big difference having someone to run with!