Monday, July 16, 2012

New Places

So back in May I ran in a local 5k.  Part of it went through a trail and I thought it was really pretty and made a mental note to go back.  Things got busy and needless to say I never made it back out to that trail.  I always like to take Maddux with me the first time I go to a new potential running spot, just to check out the area and make sure it's not sketchy.  My little boy has to go in to get some treatments at the vet tomorrow and will have to lay low for a few months.  I figured today was our last chance to go exploring together for a while, so I took Maddux to the park which is only about ten minutes away from my house.  Why did it take me so long to get there again?

When we got to the park we couldn't find a map, so I figured we would just stick to the shady areas and wander around a little.  There was a pretty lake and lots of trash cans which is a plus for dog walking.  Maddux was so happy and I was really glad we got one last good adventure in before the down time.

 Water Break!

After I dropped Maddux off I decided to go back out to the trail and explore a little more.  There were lots of little families there and it looked like a good place to run from what I saw with my pup.

It turns out that the lake we saw is almost a mile around (with mile markers on the pavement!!), but it branches off at one point to connect to another park.  I didn't really have any plans for this run.  I have this weird thing about making it 30 minutes, but it was HOT.  When the temperatures are up I have no shame when it comes to walking and water breaks.  I tried to relax and just enjoy the park and not worry too much about breaking any records today.  I was excited to see some wildlife on my run.  I live in a pretty urban area, and I feel like I don't see little woodland critters as often as I would like.  I'm definitely a country girl at heart.  I saw a mama deer with her two little fawns and they were so, so cute.  There were also a ton of geese, and not gonna lie, I was a little worried that they would turn on me because they didn't seem phased at all when I ran by.  Not to get too off topic, but I have a very valid fear of birds.  Perhaps we will discuss it one day, but hopefully I won't have a real reason to share my stories.  According to my Nike+, I ran a little over 3 miles in 30 minutes.  I probably lost about 10 pounds in sweat alone.      

Much to my sister's amusement, I made my first (in my opinion) run nerd purchase today.  This little number is on its way to me as we speak.

(Thanks Amazon for the picture!)

I have been thinking about this for a while now.  Back in November I ran in a little 5k, and I realized that my winter pants had nowhere to hold my car key.  Most of my shorts have the little hideaway pocket in them, so I never really thought about it too much.  Then, in March my friend rushed our bags to bag check while I stood desperately in line for the Porta-potties at the half marathon.  Had I had this nice belt, I would have been able to hold my Metro card and car key in there and it would have been one less step.  I feel silly checking a bag for two tiny things.  Anyway, people who reviewed the product said they usually forget that it was on because it stays in place so well and is light.  I will keep you posted.  I am a little skeptical.    

A recent buy that I can rave about is the Champion Racer Back Compression Sports Bra.  

Yay Target and inexpensive, yet effective sports bras!  This is probably one of the least expensive sports bras I've tried, and it's the most comfortable one I have yet.  It's done its job staying in place even on my longer runs and I love it.  I also love how they are in fun colors.  

Now I am off to cuddle my pup before his big day tomorrow.  I am planning on running while he is at the vet so that I don't think too much about it.  Luckily, he has the best aunt ever and we got a nice care package to help us through the tough times! (Chocolate and candy for me and a toy and treats for Mad Dog!)

Wish us luck tomorrow! :-)


  1. At least your nerd belt matches your new bra . . . That might cancel out the power bar holder ;)

  2. Haha, I wish that was my color! I have it in one like that that's yellow and teal and then one that is just solid teal. I will definitely be adding more colors (that one if I can find it!). Then you can finally forgive me for my running purchases :-)