Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keeping Busy

This morning has been a little hard for me.  I dropped Maddux off for his next to last heart worm treatment and now I have to find something to do to fill the day until I can pick my boy up this evening.    He was so funny when we got to the vet.  We got there a few minutes early before they were officially open, so he stood at the door wagging his tail and even scratched at the door.  Then, he sat politely until they opened the door.  I know that they will take good care of him (obviously, he LOVES his vet), but my apartment feels so lonely without my favorite guy with me.

Yesterday I was busy running errands and just wasn't motivated to run outside.  It was so cloudy and ugly out, and I just wasn't feeling my run.  I hopped on the treadmill, and although it started out ok, my stomach really started to hurt around mile 2.  I toughed it out until I got to 2.5 miles, and then took a quick bathroom break (I know, TMI).  I still felt a little iffy after I started back up and told myself that I only had to finish up the best that I could and tried to relax a little while being very thankful I chose the treadmill after all.  In the end, I finished up semi strong and ended up running 5 miles in 46:19.

Today my quads are feeling a little tight.  I'm planning on giving my apartment a solid cleaning while the pup is out and trying to decide what cross training I want to do.  I have a few interval workouts I've been wanting to try out, but I'm not sure that alternating between running and walking is really considered cross training and will let my muscles recover a little.  Since I have a long (long, really long maybe I'm being dramatic) run coming up this weekend I want to try to give the legs as much help as I can.  

On a random note, ZOOMA has a cool give away on their website.  They are giving out a Bani Band, which is a super cute running head band.  I haven't personally tried them out, but am definitely considering buying a sequined one.  Honestly, I sweat so much that I tend to stick to darker running clothes, and I think it would be nice to have a pop of color/fun on my runs.  They could also be a cute stocking's never too early to start thinking about the holidays ;-)


  1. Between that belt and the headband, I'll have the most stylish sister around . . .

  2. Really?! I think the headbands are cute. I already wear them, so may as well have ones that sparkle ;-)