Friday, August 17, 2012

No More Vet Visits!

At least for a while, we are done with our vet appointments.  As much as I love them, I never wanted to get to see them as often as we have lately!  Yesterday I had all these grand plans of cross training and cleaning, but I ended up getting a call a little after 10 saying that I could pick Maddux up.

My sweet baboo :-)

Needless to say, I didn't want my little dog out of my sight the rest of the day so not much got accomplished except a lot of reading and a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

Today, I dropped Maddux off and anticipating another early call made my way to the trail to get my run out of the way.  No excuses!  I really don't know what's going on with my outdoor runs.  Maybe it's my mentality.  I have had a lot on my mind, and haven't been as excited about running as I would like the past couple days.  Parts of my run felt REALLY good.  Other parts felt really rough.  I kept cramping up (I blame the oatmeal and iced coffee not long before...oops) so I took a few walk breaks, but once I started back up again felt much stronger.

I tried out my new running belt today!  It took a little bit to get used to it, but I think it's going to work well for races and longer runs.  While I don't normally take pictures during my runs, I did find something that made me smile and I felt it was photo worthy.

The cow was my favorite, but the Phi Mu in me  had to include the lion.

Today the trail had a lot going on.  A high school cross country team was practicing (they looked SO young! Or maybe I am just old..), a man was mowing next to the trail in a tie (what?!), and a girl was walking and totally absorbed in a book.  How do you walk and read?  I can't even do it on the treadmill so I can't imagine how someone could do it outside!  Overall, I ran 4.56 in 45:28 according to my Nike+.  Slow and steady wins (or at least finishes?) the race, right?

Time to kick off my last official weekend of summer.  Happy Friday!

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