Friday, August 3, 2012

Long Runs + Snack Packs

Did ya hear the news?

Yesterday was National IPA Day!  Did you celebrate?  Beer = Carbs.  Carb Loading = Energy for Long Run.

Flying Dog's Snake Dog IPA for me!

I'm pretty sure I have cracked the code that equals long run success.  Spoiler Alert: It was not the beer (I don't think).  Remember that time when I ran 10 miles and then got really sick?

Yeah.  That was no fun.  Today, I ran 11.5 miles and I have now been officially done for just about 2 hours and I still feel great.  The secret?

These babies:

I actually had the strawberry ones today.  I figured they would taste less like cough syrup than the cherry ones and therefore give me a better first impression.  My opinion?  They were a little softer/chewier than I expected, but honestly they reminded me a lot of the gummy fruit snacks I ate as a kid minus the fun shapes.  Just a thought Clif, but perhaps you should make some shaped like Disney princesses?  Please?

Today was all about the mental games.  I took it to the treadmill, which was actually smart distance wise because my Nike+ was more than a mile off!  Probably need to do a calibration run sooner than later..

I packed a small bag to take to the gym with me.  The treadmill probably thought Christmas had come early as I unloaded my belongings into the cup holders (ipod, water bottle, Clif Shot Bloks, sweat towel..).

I decided the best way to conquer this run was to break it into more manageable chunks.  I started by doing a 4.5 mile chunk and then stopped to eat 2 bloks.  Then, I did another 4.5 mile chunk and ate 2 more bloks.  This is going to sound ridiculous, but I kind of bribed myself with them.  Only 2 more miles and then you get a snack!  I should probably be embarrassed that that was running through my mind.

By the time I finished my second set of 4.5 miles, I only had 2.5 left.  The verdict?  I felt pretty awesome the first 9 miles.  I kept the incline at .5 and varied my speed between 6.0-6.1.  The last 2 miles felt really tough, but by the time I got to that last .5 I somehow mustered up some more energy and finished strong.  I ran 11.5 miles total in 1:50:43.  Sorry, no picture proof today.  It would have required three different pictures and then letting you do the math. ;-)

After my run, I had a few swigs of G2 and propped my feet up against the wall while I talked to my mom on the phone.  I laughed because I could hear the mail man singing Kanye's "Mercy."  I wonder if he knew he was singing out loud?

Now I am going to continue to lounge and will probably eat about 3 more bowls of macaroni and cheese before the day is up.

Happy weekend!  

A Smile for Your Weekend :-)  Thanks, Baby Bro!

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