Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Five: My Favorite Cold Weather Gear

This week has FLOWN by (snow, concert, and running, oh my!) and I'm back linking up with Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for the Friday Five!  Not gonna lie, I love lists so this works out pretty well.  A lot of people are posting their favorite cold weather gear lately, and since we've gotten SNOW multiple times this past week I figured I may as well jump on the band wagon.

1. My Brooks pullover with thumb holes.  For those days when you just need an extra layer.  I also love that it has some reflective pieces on it.  I'm a big fan of avoiding getting hit by a car.

2. My wrist pocket.  While I recently discovered that one of my pairs of winter running pants has a "pocket" (it's really just a slit....I'm too nervous to actually put my key in there because there's no zipper or anything), most of them just don't have anywhere to store a key.  I have my trusty running belt, but when I literally just need a place to hold my key this thing is great.  I also like that it's a lot less noticeable than my belt.  Sometimes it takes me a while to adjust running with the belt, but I don't even notice my pocket is on at all.

There was no non-creepy way to photograph this actually on.  

3. My knuckle lights.  While not technically "cold weather" they definitely come in handy with the shorter days.  These suckers really light the way.  They don't slide around which is awesome and you can set them to low, bright, or blinking.  (Also good for walks with the dog so you don't step in anything terrible that the neighbors failed to pick up...)

4. My Hot Chocolate 15k windbreaker.  To be honest, this race left a lot to be desired, but this windbreaker has been incredible.  I wore it the other day when I ran out in the snow to keep the rest of my layers dry and it did just the trick.  I also love that the pockets have zippers.  Next to all my ZOOMA gear (and of course my beloved Tiffany's necklace) I think this is probably the best piece of race swag I've ever gotten.

I tried to give it a sassy pose so you guys would be distracted from the clump of dog hair .

5. Gloves and fleece headband.  I don't know what I would do without my headband.  My nice friend was holding it for me (don't know why I wasn't wearing it?) before the Zoo Zoom and when I couldn't find him before the race I had a mini panic because my ears were SO cold.  Luckily we found each other before the start and my ears were nice and toasty in no time.  Being a cold hater, I somehow managed to only incorporate one into my winter workout gear, but have requested an extra for Christmas so that it won't get quite so gross in between washes.

Corgi ear approved.

Any other things winter running requires? (Other than a treadmill and hot chocolate? ;-) )  Happy Friday!

**For anyone who's curious (or hatin'), I was not compensated in any way to say nice things about these products.  I just really love them.**


  1. I LOVE my hot chocolate windbreaker (assuming you did the DC one as did I) and you're right it was a hot mess but the swag was nice!

    1. Yes....I've heard such good things from other locations, so I kind of hope they come back one day somewhere that can actually accommodate that many runners. I think they need to give it some time for people to forgive and forget though...there were some harsh things being said!

  2. Thumbails are the best!! No doubt about it. Loved your list!

  3. I'm glad you're keeping those sweet little corgi ears toasty warm!