Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

Ohhhh my goodness.  I'm not sure I'm going to survive this winter.  The weather reporters are calling this nonsense a polar vortex, which makes it sound about a million times worse than if they just said "freakin' cold."

After I snapped the picture, it dropped to 3 degrees.  I think it was mocking me.
Also, I do wear my seatbelt, I was just waiting for the car to warm up.

Driving back home from Alabama I was none too pleased to see the snow and ice piled up alongside the road, but didn't think too much of it.  Then, on Saturday I geared up for my usual 45 minute run.  I didn't feel like dealing with the treadmill because I really didn't have time to wait around if they weren't available (my nice friend and I had a work event to go to that evening) and since the main roads were mostly clear I figured I would just give it a shot outside.  I would have loved to seen what I looked like attempting to run outside as I'm sure it was quite the sight to see!  While my pace was slow, I definitely worked up a sweat trying to stay on non-slippery areas of the road.  Pretty sure I looked like a track star jumping hurtles of ice.

On Sunday I was forced to the treadmill to do my 6x800 workout.  My nice friend and I headed to a trail that has a nice half mile loop, but it was still completely iced over.  Perhaps my repeats would have been faster had I been able to slide the whole way, but we just weren't in the mood to find out.   I was a little disappointed that I had to stay indoors because I was dying to try out my new running pullover I got for Christmas.  It's made for running in colder weather and is super warm.  I actually ended up changing my long sleeve shirt I was wearing out for a tank top because I figured I would probably be roasting after cranking up my speed for my run!  Despite everything, my workout ended up going really well and I felt strong the whole time.  I think it helped a little that I made a brand new workout playlist (new phone = time to mix it up).  10 weeks down without missing a run!  Officially less than 11 weeks until race day!

Thumbholes and a fleecy inside. Sounds perfect for this cold weather!

I have a feeling I will be sticking to the 'mill for the majority of my miles this week, but I am really hoping the trails are clear (and it doesn't feel like negative anything) for my 10 miler on Sunday!  

*PS: If anyone is thinking of registering for ZOOMA Annapolis (or any 2014 ZOOMA race), you can get a free tech tee if you do it before January 17 and enter the code Tee14.  I got the bonus shirt with my registration last year and LOVE it.  Last year's has a nice slim fit and is really comfortable.  I wear it to the gym all the time.

Happy running!



  1. The boy did good with that pullover! It's cute!

    And those are some rosy lips for getting ready to run in that comfy shirt!

    1. He did, didn't he!? And that definitely wasn't taken recently. My lips were probably chapped haha!