Monday, June 16, 2014

Round 2: Week 1

Well, I can officially check off week 1 of the new training plan!  This week was pretty easy.  Because my plan is so long, it gradually eases you into running.  It's definitely good for people like me who tend to let a little too much time slip by between races and get a little more than out of shape.  

I had to shuffle around some of my running last week because it was just one of those weeks and I ended up getting the "long run" (which in this week's case, was actually shorter than the other two runs) done earlier in the week.  

Tuesday: 4 miles

I did three miles on the treadmill (it was really hot after work!) and then one outside so that my Runner's World Running Streak mile would count.  It's kind of annoying that runs you log manually don't show up, but my Garmin is getting a lot of use lately!  Plus, I think it's good for me to practice running outside so that I can get used to the heat a little bit.

Luckily I have a ton of Wait, Wait! podcasts saved up so these runs will be more bearable!

Saturday: 5 miles

My cousin came down from Baltimore for a girls' night and we ran together Saturday morning.  It was SO nice to have a running buddy!  The miles flew by and it was absolutely gorgeous weather for a run.  My plan only called for 45 minutes of running, but we were so close to 5 miles that we decided just to keep going a few extra minutes.  The OCD in me really shines when it comes to my mileage.

Beer drinkers by night, runners by day.

Sunday: 5 miles

I was really spoiled this weekend and had another running buddy!  My nice friend and I headed out to Gravelly Point for a run.  It was my first time running there (I had been wanting to for ages!) and I loved it!  It was more crowded than my usual routes, but it was so cool getting to see the monuments.  I swear it never gets old.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I just ran a mile to keep up the streak.  Most of them were AM miles!  Who would have thought I would be able to motivate myself so many days in a week to get my butt out of bed.  Luckily, my work schedule is about to shift so my alarm won't have to be set quite so early in the coming weeks, but I will say it's been nice getting them out of the way!

Total Plan Miles: 18.13

All of my runs felt relatively good (minus those pesky morning runs), but I'm so ready for it so start feeling a little easier!  Fingers crossed I bounce back into shape sooner than later!

Only 18 weeks to go!

What races are on your calendar?  How did your training week go?


  1. GREAT week of workouts and its so nice to have running buddies! My next race is in a few weeks, the 2nd trail race in a series of 3!

    1. Good luck! I need to look into doing another trail run. It's been a few years!

  2. No pup picture? I love following your experiences through the eyes of Maddux. You put in beer though, so that mostly makes up for it :-)

    My next race is on Tuesday, I'll be doing my first international race up in Grimsby, Ontario CA. It is also my first 10K, a distance I "skipped over" as I jumped to half and full marathon. Pretty excited to head up north and have some fun.

    1. Haha! Don't worry, he will be back up soon. Best part of blogging is having somewhere to put all my pics of him ;-) Have fun at your race! I love 10ks! Long enough to be a bit of a challenge, but short enough they don't take up your entire life.

  3. I can't believe your teacher appreciation mug didn't make it into the post! I'm glad our cuz made a good running buddy for you!