Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 2 Recap

My crazy summer has officially started!  Although running has to be a little more flexible, I can't complain.  Spending time with my family and friends always makes me a happy girl!  

Wednesday: 4 miles on the treadmill listening to my beloved Wait! Wait! plus one mile in my neighborhood.

Saturday: 5 miles at the park before heading out for bachelorette fun!

Yep, she sips on shots. :-)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday: 1 mile for the Runner's World Running Streak

Total Weekly Mileage: 15

Total Training Mileage: 33

I missed one of my runs (womp, womp), but I'm not feeling too bad about it because the running streak made sure I hit my mileage for the week even if the remaining 5 miles weren't all done at once.  Plus, spending time with some good girl friends is a pretty dang good excuse to miss a run.

I wore a race shirt.  That counts as a run, right?

My college roomie lives super close to where we went to school, so we had fun exploring campus and all the changes that have happened since we've left.  I hardly recognized it!  They have done some major construction and pretty much every building I had classes in is gone.

My love for my roomie will never change!
We'll see how week 3 of training will go!  Luckily there's not too much pressure at this point since the first few weeks are all about easing back into a regular routine.  I just don't want to start by making too many excuses!

Have you been back to your old campus lately?  How are the training plans coming??

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