Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Reasons I'm SO Glad I went to the Gym and Good News!!

My gym experience was not as pleasant as I would have liked, but let's cover some highlights of the week so far.

On Saturday my nice friend and I went to his work party.  It was really fun getting dressed up and the company had the sweetest idea.  They had a build a bear station so that you could make a stuffed animal for a sick child in a local hospital.

Guess which one was mine!

I was pretty tired (cough lazy) on Sunday (this grandma is not used to staying up so late!), but I managed to make a delicious new recipe (not pictured because it looks about as appetizing as my soup) and run 5 miles.  Guys, I thought I was going to DIE on this run.  I never really got into my groove and just struggled the whole time.  I ran the 5 miles in 45:24.  I have a lot of work to do.  That shouldn't have felt so hard.

Today I wasn't feeling a run at all.  I knew after Sunday's run that I desperately needed this, but it took a lot to get out of the door.  When I finally got to the gym I thought I was going to pass out it smelled so bad.  Ok, I know I smell nothing close to roses and sunshine at the gym, but come on macho men, at least try.  Wear some deodorant, please.  I am begging you.  After I got over the intense urge to run right back out the door,  I hopped on the treadmill for some incline work.  After warming up for 5 minutes, I ran 2 minutes at 1.5 incline, 2 minutes at 2.0, 2 minutes at 2.5, 1 minute at 3.0, 1 minute at 3.5 and then back down the same way.  I finished the last 10 minutes of my 30 minute run nice and strong.  I made a new running playlist and it really helped having some new tunes to jam to on my run.

After the gym I was walking home and some sketch guy in the parking lot said, "hey good looking," as I walked by.  Dude.  Come on.  If you think this girl looks good after an incline treadmill workout you are seriously deranged. What really appealed to you?  My sweaty locks plastered to my forehead or my oh so pleasant stench?

Despite both stinky and sketchy men, I'm glad I ended up getting my run in.  I pretty much always feel better after a run and I needed it.

On to my good great awesome fabulous news!  Maddux is officially healthy and heart worm free!  We went to the vet last night for a blood test and got the good news.  9 months of stress and worry are over!  I cannot tell you how happy I am about this.

Look how healthy he looks!  Yay!

Have a happy week!  May your runs be amazing!

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