Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 is Here!!

2013 is off to a great start.  I ended the 2012 with a not so great run and started 2013 with an amazing one.  I feel like it's a good foreshadowing of things to come ;-)  I made my resolutions for this year a little broader so I have no excuses not to kick their butts.

  • Run Two Half Marathons.  I already have two on the books.  As long as nothing goes wrong I'll have this one checked off on April 28.
  • Run Three Different Race Lengths.  I know of at least two 5ks I'll be taking on this year so now I just have to find one more.  I'm leaning towards the Zooma Annapolis 10k, but we'll see.
  • Try 3 New Recipes.   I have no problems with my usual recipes, but I often get stuck in food ruts.  I got a new crock pot cook book for Christmas, so now I just have to commit.  
  • Teach Maddux a New Trick.  We're going to class next week, and although it's not a tricks class, I'm hoping we'll learn something cool.
His Aunt B did teach him how to wobble board, that counts right?

  • Volunteer with Lucky Dog at Least Three Times.  I need to do it more.  They were the ones who put Maddux in my life and I can't thank them enough for that.
  • Try a New Form of Exercise.  I really, really want to take a spin class and a body pump class.  This summer I'm totally finding some classes.
  • Go Somewhere New. Anywhere.
  •  Go on Vacation.  

There they are.  Shiny, new, and ready to be conquered.  I hope everyone has a fabulous 2013!  


  1. I see two important ones that are missing from your list: princess party and wine with your sister.

    1. Don't you worry they will happen!! :-)

  2. Ever since you've mentioned it, II've had a full marathon in the back of my mind...How cool would it be to run more miles than years you've been alive?! Maybe we can talk each other into doing one together. Emphasis on MAYBE ;)

    1. Oh man, I think I need to get my life together a little more before I think about adding marathon training into the mix! Maybe one day though....