Friday, December 7, 2012

Sharing is Caring

As you've probably gathered, my kitchen skills are not all that stellar.  I often stick to my same old recipes.  Cooking for one is hard, and I like recipes that I can don't mind eating all week or can change up the leftovers.  Every once and a while I'll convince my nice friend to come over for "romantic dinner."  On these days I try out recipes that are often more complicated so that in case something goes amiss I don't have quite as many left overs!  On that note I have decided to share my three go-to recipes.  You'll get one every Friday up until Christmas to make it nice and dramatic.  Ready?  Good.

#1: Costume Chicken
(because you can dress it up any way you want to!  Yes, I just made up that name.  It's fine.)

Get It: Boneless chicken, chicken broth

Make It: Put chicken in crock pot and cover with broth (you need enough so that it won't dry out).  Cook on low for 6 hours or until chicken is no longer pink.  When I am short on time I will just boil it covered on my stovetop for ~30-40 minutes.  Same effect, less time.  You just have to watch it because mine tends to boil over.  Oops. 

Dress It: Often I just go ahead and put taco seasoning in the crock pot, too, because I never get tired of chicken tacos/nachos/salad.  Sometimes I will just leave it plain though and add BBQ sauce later.  I've also recently discovered Sizzling Salads by Kraft.  They come with the perfect marinade for a one time dish (don't you hate when you have a ton left over in the bigger bottle and never get around to using the rest?).  Not only does it come with a marinade, but it also comes with a dressing for your salad.  I definitely recommend trying it out.  Super easy and delicious.

This is next in my dinner line up.

See how fun that was?  You're either like me and glad for such an easy, adaptable recipe OR you are feeling really good about yourself because you can cook like Paula Deen with your eyes closed.

Happy weekend!  I'm planning on two outdoor runs since it's supposed to be so nice out!



  1. I loved that chicken! What flavor did you make that I had??

  2. It was good! It was the chicken fajita and bbq ranch combo. I'll keep you updated on how the pesto one is! I know they have a caesar one, but it seemed easier just to buy a bagged mix haha.