Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whoaaaa week 15 of the training plan is over!  Race Day is at the end of week 20.  We're almost there!!

This week I had to cram my runs in at the end, which is ok, but my legs definitely felt it.  I attempted to run on Tuesday, but all the treadmills were packed (all night....I kept checking and it never let up).  I scraped that idea and just did one of the arm workouts from Nike Training Club that gets in some leg movements as well.

Thursday: I hit the treadmill and covered 5 miles fairly quickly.  I finished before Wait! Wait! was done so that was a good feeling.  I felt great the whole run and when I got home I did the 15 minute runner stretch workout from NTC.  I should really stretch more often because it felt awesome afterwards.

Saturday: I went to the park to conquer my 12 mile long run for the week.  Friday night I debated for a lonnnng time about whether or not I wanted to do it on Saturday or Sunday.  It was supposed to be cold and snowy on Saturday and then warmer on Sunday, but rainy in the afternoon.  When I woke up at 6:45 on Saturday with a ton of energy I figured it was a sign that I should go ahead and get it done.  I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and get it done, because it was a pretty amazing run.  I took it nice and easy and while it was definitely slow, I felt great the whole time.  I felt a little bit of tightness in my right ankle at one point, but other than that life was good.

I had never done a run longer than 8 miles at the park before and I think it helped that I was constantly planning out what loop I would do next.  Probably the worst part of my run was that I got that country song "Hony Tonk BaDonkaDonk" stuck in my head for the last few miles.  It randomly popped in and I couldn't shake it for the longest time!  The most exciting part of my run was that I felt amazing afterwards!  I made three stops on my run and had a couple sips of watered down G2, some water, and a shot blok each time.  On my drive back home I had the rest of the packet of bloks and then made sure to eat some soup soon after I got home.  I know that I'll have to adjust for warmer runs (this one was in the high 20s), but at least I got it right for this run!  I had a mini celebration while I was running because I realized that it was my longest training run to date!  In previous training plans my longest was 11.5.

Maddux was fine with being perfectly lazy that day.

Sunday: Maddux and I took a cold, but great walk at the park which helped loosen up my legs a little after Saturday's long run.  In the evening I hopped on the treadmill and ran 5 slow miles.

On to week 16!  Happy running!


  1. Great week of training, you are almost there!!

    1. Thanks! I'm excited! All downhill from here, right? :)

  2. Haha! I hate that song! I had the "Zoom Zoom Zoom" song from Zenon Girl of the Future stuck in my head on our walk today. It was equally obnoxious! Good luck with the last few weeks before the half!

    1. Hahaha, yeah I don't know which one is worse!