Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weeks 16 and 17: Getting Closer!

Somehow week 16 never got documented, but to be honest, it wasn't all worth documenting.  I got my runs done, but they were all on the treadmill.

Wednesday, February 12: 5 miles on the treadmill.  I remember thinking how great this run felt and I had one of those "I love running!" moments.  I did a little bit of the Arm Definer workout on Nike Training Club followed by a few minutes of the Kara Goucher Pro Running stretch workout, but just wasn't really feeling it.  Plus, it's really hard when your dog is being super clingy.

Who?  Me?

Friday, Feburary 14: 12x800 workout with a .25 mile warmup.  This was a ridiculously tough workout.    My stomach just felt really off and I never got into the groove.  I got through it by reminding myself that it was my last set of intervals of the training plan and managed to power through.  It was a bit discouraging seeing that the pace was much slower than my outside intervals, but it was still much faster than my typical run.

Saturday, February 15: 5 miles to my beloved Wait! Wait!  This run didn't feel great either, but I was happy to be done.  I did 10 minutes of the Kara Goucher Pro Running Stretch workout on Nike Training Club after.

Sunday, February 16: A little over 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I always forget that when I neglect the elliptical for a while that it is super tough getting back into it.

I had a lot of days in between my runs for week 17.  I knew that there was hope of having amazing weather on the weekend and I wanted to make sure I took advantage of it and did my training runs outside!

Monday, February 17: I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.  Nothing special to report.

Wednesday, February 19: A workout DVD that I haven't done in FOREVER.  I only did the cardio and floor workout sections and I was so sore on Thursday it was ridiculous.

Friday, February 21: A repeat of my workout DVD plus a little extra (I got through the leg section and part of the ab section before Maddux decided he had had enough of watching me workout and started terrorizing all of his toys).

Saturday, February 22: Maddux and I went to the park and attempted a walk, but even though the temperature was nice it was still super icy.  We spent more time avoiding icy patches than enjoying our walk.  I went back to the park later in the afternoon and while there were some definite spots I avoided, it was much better.  It was my first run in the new shoes and it felt great minus some serious side cramps in the first two miles.

It was a little weird running around the lake in shorts...

Sunday, February 23:  Maddux and I hit the park again and had a much better walk.  When we got home I hit my neighborhood for a 5 mile run.  The hills in my neighborhood are always tough, but I'm hoping that they will pay off on the big day!  

I can't believe how incredible close Race Day is!  I can't wait!

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  1. I'm a sucker for your pup, he's really cute, thanks for including him in your recap. You mention mixing in DVD's and elliptical workouts that you haven't done in a while, and I totally agree how tough that can be and how intense the workout is just by switching up activity by a tiny bit. Congrats on another week (and additional undocumented one) of strong work!

    1. Haha, thanks, I am too! It's nice to have somewhere to put some of the excessive pictures I take of him :)

  2. So glad you and my nephew pup had a chance to get outside for a bit! Hope that Mother Nature keeps letting us do that!